Compassionate Drug Counseling & Outpatient Treatment

Find the solutions to your drug and alcohol issues at Another Chance Counseling, offering drug counseling and outpatient treatment in Lebanon, Pennsylvania. How you do you know if alcohol or drug use is a problem? If your disease has affected your school, work, physical health, or legal issues for you or a family member, chances are you may need professional help. Primarily we offer individualized drug counseling sessions, but groups may also be available.

Education & Intervention

Learn more about the psychological effects of alcoholism and drug abuse through our education programs. We teach you how to face these issues and begin your receovery. Our intervention service steps in with outpatient treatment when care is needed.

Evaluation & Assessment

At our addiction treatment center, we screen patients using Pennsylvania placement criteria, including ASAM, MAST, and the Adult Sassy 3. When a traffic violation involving alcohol or drugs has occurred, we also provide DUI-related assessments.

Sad Woman - Drug Counseling

Contact us in Lebanon, Pennsylvania, to find out more about our drug counseling, assessments, and outpatient treatment.